Decide on jobs that need to be done and others you can skip. Our experts can help you categorise all matters in 3 easy categories:

  1. In good condition
  2. To be repaired at first opportunity
  3. Must be repaired immediately

Knowledge is power in calculating your risk.

Shipyard Supervision

Don’t wait until final check during expensive shipyard repairs. Get things done correctly the first time and ensure schedule is kept and budget is within limits

Don't wait for the last day to check on the result of your repairs.

Ultrasonic Testing

Using the latest SDT testing equipment, well trained surveyors not only pinpoint the leaking areas but also suggest how to repair in order to eliminate them.

If you still depend on the "hose test" maybe it's time to move on.


Don’t let “non-experts” dictate ridiculous repairs or other poor solutions. We can assist by providing and documenting a solid proposal to fight back any poor practice. 

We know what is right from within.

Need Help With Hatch Covers? We Are Experts!